This isn’t working. I will not give up pretending to try though!

Trying Again

I’m trying this whole “write stuff down” thing again. I did a whole two posts before my old site disappeared, but I recently discovered them again, and actually managed to pull them into my current writing platform, Ghost, which is quite a nifty little thing. So here we go again. Life has changed a lot in the last 5 years, more than I will remember, but maybe in the next few weeks I’ll catch people up with where I am now, and then actually share this site with them.

What is a Screwup to Some, is an Adventure to One

This past weekend I went to Butano State Park with the intention of backpacking one night, relaxing under the stars, and getting a hike in, finally some physical activity since hurting my leg. I decided to try to take an alternate route to the regular one suggested by google maps, something a little more remote and a little twistier. Boy did I get lost, and man did I have to take a roundabout way of getting to Butano SP.

Welcome Aboard

Welcome one and all to the fantastic, stimulating, controversial and– and… Ah screw it. It’s not going to be that interesting. Welcome to a site that chronicles things I feel strongly enough about to actually take the time and post them here. Perhaps on a slow day this won’t be something I feel strongly about at all, but rather is something to just fill in the blanks. The content probably won’t be interesting, but sometimes I will post stuff just so I can remind myself of its existence later.